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Elderly's Home at Jat Min Chuen Chung Yuet Lau

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07 May 【簡約公屋.彩興】視察一二人及四五人模擬單位 (Chinese only) MiC News 03 May HK Buildings Department Pre-accepted List #Updated How to Find a Partner - Supplier 29 Apr 「松悅樓」-房協首個「組裝合成」項目竣工 (Chinese only) MiC News 29 Apr 「樂翹軒I」首個「組裝合成」資助出售房屋 (Chinese only) MiC News 23 Apr Legislative Council Panel on Development - Adoption of Advanced Construction Technologies MiC News 21 Apr 香港組裝合成建築廠商會成立 黃天祥:新質生產力推動建築業發展 (Chinese only) MiC News 19 Apr Technical Report on the Deconstruction, Relocation and Reinstallation of MiC Units in Nam Cheong 220 Transitional Housing Project #New Publication 19 Apr Understanding Environmental Credits and Loads of Reusing Modular Building Components from a Multi-use Cycle Perspective #New Publication 17 Apr Transitional Housing Project at Choi Hing Road, Choi Hung MiC News 17 Apr The Chevalier Group Celebrates the Completion of the Group’s First MiC Project “Chung Yuet Lau” MiC News 17 Apr 惠州視察簡約公屋及傳統公屋MiC生產基地 (Chinese only) MiC News 14 Apr 建造業新機遇 「組裝合成」建築產業化 (Chinese only) MiC News 14 Apr HKHS’s First MiC Project “Chung Yuet Lau” Completed Promoting Ageing in Place and Optimising the Use of Housing Resources MiC News 12 Apr 中建海龍科技打造精品項目 爲裝配式建築4.0增添新範例 (Chinese only) MiC News 05 Apr Student Residence of the University of Hong Kong at Wong Chuk Hang MiC News 02 Apr Wide Adoption of MiC to Build a Liveable Hong Kong MiC News 26 Mar Chevalier (Civil Engineering) Ltd - MiC & MiMEP Lift Machine Room Construction Sequence MiC News 26 Mar 「組裝合成建築法」有利重置過渡性房屋 (Chinese only) MiC News 25 Mar S for Housing conducts visit to Huizhou to inspect production progress of Light Public Housing MiC modules MiC News 22 Mar MiC Supplier #New How to Find a Partner 19 Mar Technical Report on the Deconstruction, Relocation and Reinstallation of MiC Modules in Nam Cheong 220 Transitional Housing Project #New MiC News 01 Mar Chevalier - China Railway Joint Venture Celebrates the Groundbreaking of the First Light Public Housing Project at Yuen Long Yau Pok Road MiC News 27 Feb Hong Kong Project Construction of Fire Station-cum-ambulance Depot with Departmental Quarters and Facilities in Area 72, Tseung Kwan O #Updated 19 Feb Groundbreaking ceremony for first Light Public Housing project held today MiC News

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Resources Centre

The resources and information aim at facilitating MiC development in Hong Kong.

MIC Resources Centre

The MiC Resources Centre is located within the CIC - Zero Carbon Park complex in Kowloon Bay and is the first building constructed using MiC in Hong Kong.


Last Updated: 03.01.2024 14:46:09

Adopting MiC to Build Light Public Housing (LPH) to Expedite Housing Supply

The Policy Address 2022 announced the construction of LPH. The LPH Scheme is led by the Architectural Services Department with the adoption of MiC. The Housing Bureau has selected eight sites in Tuen Mun, Yuen Long, Ma On Shan, Kai Tak, Ngau Tau Kok and Chai Wai, providing around 30,000 LPH units. The construction period takes only one to two years. Each units equipped with self-contained toilet and basic facilities such as water heater and air-con. The first batch of around 2,100 units will be completed in 2024-25 and the remaining units will be completed by phases in 2025-26 and 2026-27, so as to shorten the waiting time of public housing.