Modular Integrated Construction
Student Residence at Wong Chuk Hang Site for the University of Hong Kong

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30 Jan How to Find a Partner #Updated Buildings Department Pre-accepted List 29 Jan Providing a housing lifeboat - Secretary for Housing Winnie Ho brought a group of subdivided unit tenants to a mock-up of a light public housing unit which will be constructed by MiC. MiC News 27 Jan Safety Walk with Thomas - MiC And e-inStar Doubles Efficiency in HKU Student Residence Project MiC News 18 Jan Design and Build Contract for Transitional Housing Project at Luen Yan Street, Tsuen Wan Design and Build Contract for Transitional Housing Project at Luen Yan Street, Tsuen Wan #New Project in Hong Kong 18 Jan Transitional Housing at Sheung On Street, Chai Wan Transitional Housing at Sheung On Street, Chai Wan #New Project in Hong Kong 14 Jan 柴灣常安街過渡性房屋項目動土儀式 (Chinese only) MiC News 05 Jan WSP Scores a Quadruple Win at CIC MiC Achievement Ceremony MiC News 29 Dec Housing Society’s First MiC Subsidised Sale Project Honoured “Outstanding” | First Batch of MiC Modules Hoisted Smoothly On Site MiC News 19 Dec New CityU student hostel set to enrich student experience, promoting diversity; innovative technologies reduce construction period #New MiC News 21 Dec #New Reference Material on Heavy Lifting Operation for MiC Projects (December 2022) 21 Dec 高效「組裝合成」建築法 (Chinese only) MiC News 20 Dec The City University of Hong Kong Student Hostel at Whitehead Module Installation Commenced #Updated Project in Hong Kong 16 Dec HKU members and Wong Chuk Hang Student Residence Project Receive four prestigious Awards at MiC Achievement Ceremony MiC News 14 Dec International Conference on MiC 2022 #New Past Event 14 Dec MiC Achievement Ceremony 2022 #New Past Event 14 Dec Speech by SDEV at Construction Innovation Expo 2022 - International Conference on MiC MiC News 14 Dec 發展局設跨部門督導委員會統籌組裝合成 北都物色土地生產和儲存組件 (Chinese only) MiC News 13 Dec Innovation to boost development in HK's construction sector MiC News 01 Nov Chinachem conference explores how public and private sectors can foster sustainable development together - The Chinachem Group is planning the second MiC project, of which the number of flats will be 10 times that of the Tonkin Street project. MiC News

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Resources Centre

The resources and information aim at facilitating MiC development in Hong Kong.

MIC Resources Centre

The MiC Resources Centre is located within the CIC - Zero Carbon Park complex in Kowloon Bay and is the first building constructed using MiC in Hong Kong.


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The Chief Executive's 2022 Policy Address

To foster the development of MiC

The Chief Executive delivered the 2022 Policy Address on 19 October. To enhance Quantity, Speed, Efficiency and Quality, the Government will increase public housing and land supply by different measures, including the building of Light Public Housing by MiC to shorten the waiting time of public housing. The Housing Authority and Housing Society will adopt the MiC in more public housing projects. The DEVB will establish a cross-departmental steering committee, to streamline approval processes, and also making available land in the Northern Metropolis for manufacturing and storage of modules.