Modular Integrated Construction
Composite Development at Ash Street, Tai Kok Tsui (Courtesy of URA)

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09 Aug HK Buildings Department Pre-accepted List #Updated How to Find a Partner - Supplier 06 Aug Kick-off Ceremony of CIC Master Class on MiC Project Implementation (Project Managers) Kick-off Ceremony of CIC Master Class on MiC Project Implementation (Project Managers) #New Past Event 08 Aug 何永賢推「組裝合成建築法」提量 標書「鬥快」有分加 (Chinese only) MiC News 06 Aug 葛珮帆等議員促「提速建房」及「智慧北都」落實綠色建築 (Chinese only) 「智慧生活促進組」向政府提出建議公共房屋全面使用組裝合成建築,DfMA及MiMEP等綠色建築,進行基建及樓宇工程並縮短建築工期。 MiC News 06 Aug CIC Launches “Master Class on MiC Project Implementation” Leading the Development of MiC Technology in Hong Kong MiC News 02 Aug Minutes of meeting, Panel on Housing Public housing projects in new development areas with less site constraints, such as Tung Chung and Northern Metropolis, would be conducive to application of MiC. It would be adopted in the construction of about 20 000 units, including the public housing project at Fanling Area 48. MiC News 29 Jul Clavon #New Overseas Project 28 Jul 組裝樓下月起樓面面積高限同放寬 建造商會:補償兼具額外誘因 料吸引業界 (Chinese only) MiC News 28 Jul Penny's Bay and Kai Tak Quarantine Facilities (Chinese only) MiC News 23 Jul Transcript of remarks by S for Housing at media session To make use of the greatest benefit of MiC, we can choose sites that are substantially larger sites, and with substantially more units that have repetition. MiC News 22 Jul Notes for Suppliers on participating in Hong Kong MiC projects #Updated Notes for Suppliers 15 Jul Incentive to Promote Green and Innovative Buildings Enhanced Facilitation Measures for Buildings Adopting Modular Integrated Construction Joint Practice Note No. 8 #New Publications 13 Jul HK Buildings Department Pre-accepted List HK Buildings Department Pre-accepted List #New MiC Supplier - Linker Engineering Limited 12 Jul 立會擴建「協興」中標 首期料2025年中完工 (Chinese only) MiC News 07 Jul SOCO荃灣油麻磡路組合社會房屋計劃動土儀式 (Chinese only) MiC News 07 Jul 樓市每日睇 置業攻略「組裝」建屋新思維 (Chinese only) MiC News 28 Jun Gammon wins Kwun Tong Composite Development project #New MiC News 27 Jun 科技躍進推動隔離病房發展 組裝合成或充氣病房便利興建移動 (Chinese only) MiC News 26 Jun Embrace Innovative Thinking in Developing Transitional Housing to Expedite the Construction Process and Improve the Standard of Housing (Chinese only) #New MiC News 26 Jun 同心村啟用 千八單位陸續入伙 (Chinese only) MiC News 25 Jun 推3實驗項目 房署試鬧市組裝建屋 未來10年MiC建2萬伙 倘加快建成質素相若可加推 (Chinese only) #New MiC News 25 Jun 石屎代唧膠接合組件 「硬碰軟」防漏水更穩固 (Chinese only) MiC News 21 Jun Hung Shui Kiu transitional housing to welcome 410 families by second quarter of 2023 MiC News 21 Jun BEA Enters First Green Loan Agreement with Chevalier International HK$50 million financing provided for construction of the Hong Kong Housing Society’s Chung Yuet Lau MiC project MiC News 21 Jun Handover ceremony of Penny's Bay and Kai Tak Community Isolation Facilities held today MiC News 21 Jun 仁愛堂洪水橋過渡性房屋項目「仁愛居」正式動工 料明年落成提供410個單位 (Chinese only) MiC News 21 Jun 中建香港承建中央援港的社區隔離設施已全部交付 項目採用「組裝合成」建築法及創新科技建造,提升生產力和效率,創造建造業界奇跡 (Chinese only) MiC News 20 Jun United Court Transitional Housing at Yuen Long, Hong Kong MiC News 16 Jun Reference Materials - Use of Digital Technologies for QA/QC of MiC Modules in MiC Factories (Updated in June 2022) #Updated Publications 16 Jun “United Court” Transitional Housing Constructed with the Participation of CIMC was officially Put into Use, for Which Hong Kong’s Chief Executive, Carrie Lam Offered Her Congratulations on the Site MiC News 14 Jun 《裝配式鋼結構模組建築技術指南》(Simplified Chinese only) In order to promote the development of prefabricated steel structure modular buildings, the Ministry of Housing and Urban-Rural Development recently issued the "Technical Guidelines for Prefabricated Steel Structure Modular Buildings". It provides a guideline for MiC manufacturers, designers, and construction companies to improve the overall construction standard, and to facilitate the improvement of MiC product in terms of quality, standardisation and industry development with order. Publications 14 Jun 重磅!住建部印发《装配式钢结构模块建筑技术指南》,开启装配式建筑发展新模式!(Simplified Chinese only) MiC News 13 Jun Ronald Lu & Partners #Updated MiC Consultant 06 Jun 香港首間以組裝合成興建的中醫醫院動土 (Chinese only) MiC News

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Resources Centre

The resources and information aim at facilitating MiC development in Hong Kong.

MIC Resources Centre

The MiC Resources Centre is located within the CIC - Zero Carbon Park complex in Kowloon Bay and is the first building constructed using MiC in Hong Kong.


Last Updated: 28.07.2022 16:00:20

New Isolation Facilities in Hong Kong

Alleviate demand pressure for isolation by MiC and DfMA

In view of the 5th wave of the COVID-19, new isolation facilities and Pop-up Community Vaccination Centres were built by MiC and DfMA with full speed. Eight Community Isolation Facilities projects from China State Construction International providing over 50,000 isolation beds. Supported by the Central Government, the Lok Ma Chau Loop Hospital for Emergency was completed in April 2022. Meanwhile, two MiC transitional housing projects were used as community isolation facilities, providing more than 2,500 units.

防疫速遞 - 啟德社區隔離設施 (Chinese only)

防疫速遞 - 竹篙灣隔離設施工程 (Chinese only)