Modular Integrated Construction
Composite Development at Ash Street, Tai Kok Tsui (Courtesy of URA)

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03 Nov Application of MiC: Opportunities and Challenges #New Past Event 14 Dec Recognising Your MiC Achievement #New Upcoming Event 24 Nov 屯門行人天橋增建「組裝合成」升降機 較傳統快逾月 減建築風險 (Chinese only) MiC News 24 Nov Use of innovative technologies pushed to boost productivity, efficiency and safety in construction industry MiC News 24 Nov 組裝合成法比傳統建築法快3成 建造業議會:興建公屋可更好發展技術 (Chinese only) MiC News 21 Nov Smart Mobility (Smart Logistics) Gold Award - Remote e-Inspection System for Cross Border MiC Logistics (P. 15) MiC News 18 Nov 港大遙距電子檢測系統 奪智慧物流金獎 (Chinese only) MiC News 18 Nov Vice President Simon Wong looks back on his collaboration with PolyU researchers to foster Modular Integrated Construction in Hong Kong MiC News 17 Nov 建議業議會倡北部都會區預留「中轉地」 擺放組裝合成建築構建物 (Chinese only) MiC News 17 Nov HKU iLab’s Remote e-Inspection System for Cross Border MiC Logistics system won the 2022 Hong Kong ICT Smart Logistics Gold Award MiC News 09 Nov Student Residence at Wong Chuk Hang Site for the University of Hong Kong #Updated Hong Kong Projects 07 Nov 香港家書 香港理工大學副校長(校園發展及設施管理) 黃煜新 - 發展組裝合成建築法 讓輪候公屋者儘快上樓 (Chinese only) MiC News 03 Nov 善用「組裝合成」建築法 加快房屋供應 (Chinese only) MiC News 01 Nov 深圳龍華以智能綠色打造裝配式建築新示範 (Simplified Chinese only) MiC News 01 Nov Chinachem conference explores how public and private sectors can foster sustainable development together - The Chinachem Group is planning the second MiC project, of which the number of flats will be 10 times that of the Tonkin Street project. MiC News 01 Nov Chairman's Blog - Policy Address Policies Expedite Infrastructures And Build Liveable City for the People MiC News 31 Oct CyBe to build first-ever 4-story 3D printed building in Eindhoven using a Prefabricated Prefinished Volumetric Construction (PPVC) approach MiC News 27 Oct 業界參觀「組裝合成」模擬單位 (Chinese only) MiC News 26 Oct HK Buildings Department Pre-accepted List #Updated How to Find a Partner - Supplier 25 Oct 簡約公屋設計首曝光 清水房單位設獨立廁所 開放式廚房設冷氣機 (Chinese only) MiC News 23 Oct 「簡約公屋」組裝合成 黃偉綸何永賢視察同類建築法 (Chinese only) MiC News 22 Oct 積極推動落實《施政報告》房屋政策 (Chinese only) MiC News 19 Oct 創新組裝合成建築 糅合NAMI輕質混凝土 (Chinese only) MiC News 18 Oct Yan Chai Hospital Board Transitional Housing Project #New MiC Projects 17 Oct Lease Modification, Approval and Consent for Exemption of Modular Integrated Construction Floor Area from Gross Floor Area and Site Coverage Calculations and Relaxation of Building Height Restriction under Joint Practice Note No. 8 #New Publications 06 Oct Residential Development for Tonkin Street and Fuk Wing Street #Updated MiC Projects

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Resources Centre

The resources and information aim at facilitating MiC development in Hong Kong.

MIC Resources Centre

The MiC Resources Centre is located within the CIC - Zero Carbon Park complex in Kowloon Bay and is the first building constructed using MiC in Hong Kong.


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The Chief Executive's 2022 Policy Address

To foster the development of MiC

The Chief Executive delivered the 2022 Policy Address on 19 October. To enhance Quantity, Speed, Efficiency and Quality, the Government will increase public housing and land supply by different measures, including the building of Light Public Housing by MiC to shorten the waiting time of public housing. The Housing Authority and Housing Society will adopt the MiC in more public housing projects. The DEVB will establish a cross-departmental steering committee, to streamline approval processes, and also making available land in the Northern Metropolis for manufacturing and storage of modules.