Elderly's Home at Jat Min Chuen Chung Yuet Lau

Jat Min Chuen, Sha Tin
Courtesy of HKHS

Hong Kong Housing Society will use MiC method to build a 10-storey Elderly Home on a badminton court at Jat Min Chuen in Sha Tin, providing 64 single room units with an area of ​​about 200 sq ft for those who are over 70 years old. The building has been named "Chung Yuet Lau" in hopes that the place will offer residents longevity and delight. 

This is the 1st MiC project of Housing Society. The ground floor and the 1st floor will construct with traditional reinforced concrete while the 2nd to 9th floor will build a steel structure MiC building. 

The project aims at promoting a more efficient use of Public Rental Housing resources, and implementing the project by MiC in support of the Chief Executive’s New Initiative in the 2018 Policy Address. 


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Courtesy of HKHS

Highlights on Current Status

Completed in Mar 2024

Project Current Status


No. of MiC Modules


CFA (m²)


MiC CFA (m²)


Superstructure Storeys


MiC Storeys


Anticipated Construction Cycle of Typical MiC Floor (@ Day cycle)


Construction Commencement Date

Q4 2020

Date of Completion

Q1 2024



Construction Commencement Date

Q4 2020

Foundation Works Completion Date

Q2 2022

Installation of MiC Modules Completed

October 2023

Date of Completion

Q1 2024

Module Type 

Module System

Width (mm) Length (mm) Height (mm) Weight (tonnes) No. Remarks
A1a Steel 2,060   6,005   3,050  15 24  Type A1a is an end module with similar structural system, but with bracing in one long side
A1 Steel 2,060   6,005   3,050  15 Type A1 is the common internal module with one open side and one window facade
A2a Steel 2,060   6,005   3,050  15 Type A2a is mirror of Type A1a.
A2 Steel 2,060   6,005   3,050  15 16  Type A2 is mirror of Type A1. 
A2b Steel 2,060   6,005   3,050  15 Type A2 is mirror of Type A1. 
B1 Steel 1,970   6,005   3,050  13 32  Type B1 is the common internal module also with one open side and one window facade.
B2 Steel 1,970   6,005   3,050  13 32  Type B2 is mirror of Type B1.
C Steel 2,740   6,375   3,050  17 Type C is the staircase module with concrete staircase and a small E&M room at one corner. 
          Total 136   

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Adopting MiC to Build Light Public Housing (LPH) to Expedite Housing Supply

The Policy Address 2022 announced the construction of LPH. The LPH Scheme is led by the Architectural Services Department with the adoption of MiC. The Housing Bureau has selected eight sites in Tuen Mun, Yuen Long, Ma On Shan, Kai Tak, Ngau Tau Kok and Chai Wai, providing around 30,000 LPH units. The construction period takes only one to two years. Each units equipped with self-contained toilet and basic facilities such as water heater and air-con. The first batch of around 2,100 units will be completed in 2024-25 and the remaining units will be completed by phases in 2025-26 and 2026-27, so as to shorten the waiting time of public housing.