Advantages of MiC

Shortens Construction Time


  • Saves total project construction time by about 30% on average
  • Shortens the production period by constructing different modules in parallel in the factory
  • Reduces impacts of adverse weather conditions on the construction period

Improves Working Environment & Site Safety


  • Protects workers against adverse weather
  • Reduces risk of fall of persons from height
  • Reduces risk of slipping and tripping of site personnel

Sustainability and Environmental Friendliness


  • Reduces dust and noise nuisance to the surrounding environment
  • Minimises construction waste
  • Improves construction waste management

High Construction Quality


  • Improves construction accuracy
  • Facilitates quality control through mass production of pre-tested prototype modules
  • Minimises errors in construction

Better Management


  • Improves management of stored materials
  • Enhances production management in a controlled factory environment
  • Provides flexibility in project scheduling


    Construction Innovation and Technology Fund 

The Construction Innovation and Technology Fund (CITF), with an approved allocation of HK$1 billion, was established by the Development Bureau of the Government of Hong Kong Special Administrative Region (DEVB) in October 2018.  The Construction Industry Council (CIC) is commissioned by DEVB to be the implementation partner.


The CITF covers two aspects, namely technology adoption and manpower development.  The former aims to encourage the industry to use new but proven technologies developed within or outside Hong Kong.  The latter aims to build an innovative culture and foster the mind-set to espouse new technologies for the sustainable development and continuous improvement of the construction industry. 


MiC is one of the categories under technology adoption, providing incentives for consultants and contractors to widely adopt MiC in the construction projects of Hong Kong. 


In mid-July of 2022, the Steering Committee of the CITF approved the MiC Vetting Sub-committee's proposal to include MiMEP into the funding scope to better support the Electrical & Mechanical (E&M) industry to adopt innovative technologies. For more details, please click here.


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Last Updated: 24.05.2023 15:42:25

Adopting MiC to Build Light Public Housing (LPH) to Expedite Housing Supply

The Policy Address 2022 announced the construction of LPH. The LPH Scheme is led by the Architectural Services Department with the adoption of MiC. The Housing Bureau has selected eight sites in Tuen Mun, Yuen Long, Ma On Shan, Kai Tak, Ngau Tau Kok and Chai Wai, providing around 30,000 LPH units. The construction period takes only one to two years. Each units equipped with self-contained toilet and basic facilities such as water heater and air-con. The first batch of around 2,100 units will be completed in 2024-25 and the remaining units will be completed by phases in 2025-26 and 2026-27, so as to shorten the waiting time of public housing.