Ying Wa Module Community

Ying Wa Street, Cheung Sha Wan
Courtesy of SoCO

This project aims to provide affordable and adequate transitional homes to the people who live in dismal conditions and are queuing for the public rental housing for a long time.  MiC will be adopted to provide social housing units on a vacant site.  It will provide a minimum of 140 residential units integrated with supporting community space.  The saleable area of each unit is ranging from 13.4 sqm to 33.24 sqm.

Highlight on Current Status

Foundation Work

Project Current Status

Under Construction

No. of MiC Modules


CFA (m²)


MiC CFA (m²)


Superstructure Storeys


MiC Storeys


Anticipated Construction Cycle of Typical MiC Floor (@Day Cycle)


Construction Commencement Date

Mar 2021

Anticipated Year of Completion

Q1 2022



Public Announcement Date on Use of MiC

Sep 2019

Commencement of Design Consultancy

Apr 2020

Commencement of Foundation Work

Q1 2021

Anticipated Completion Date

Q1 2022

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Transitional Housing Projects

In order to relieve the acute shortage of housing, the HKSAR Government announced the three-year transitional housing target of 15,000 units in January 2020. Up to now, two MiC transitional housing projects were completed, including the Nam Cheong 220 by The Hong Kong Council of Social Service and the Junction of Sung Wong Toi Road and To Kwa Wan Road Project by Lok Sin Tong. United Court by Sheng Kung Hui will be commenced shortly. The largest project in Kong Ha Wai by Pok Oi Hospital was commenced in March 2021. Over 6,000 people will be homed by the end of 2022.

Update on the Progress of Supplying Transitional Housing

08.07.2021 Legislative Council of the HKSAR

江夏圍過渡性房屋計劃 - 首批示範單位落地元朗 (Chinese only)

10.06.2021 AluHouse

樂善堂社會房屋計劃「樂屋」 - 宋皇臺道及土瓜灣道交界組合屋項目 (Chinese only)

03.06.2021 Lok Sin Tong

江夏圍過渡性房屋項目正式動土 (Chinese only)

10.05.2021 City's Time