Yau Lee Construction Company Limited

Yau Lee Construction Company Limited (YLC), a core subsidiary of Yau Lee Holdings Limited, was founded earlier in 1958 and gradually developed into one of Hong Kong’s largest consortia in building construction.


YLC specialises in construction, maintenance, renovation and design and building projects with advanced technologies/approaches including BIM and Modular Integrated Construction (MiC)/ Design for Manufacture and Assembly (DfMA) technologies.  Based on its solid experience, multi-talented professionals, effective management system, advanced information system and highly efficient building technology, YLC has become one of the most innovative construction companies in Hong Kong and successfully achieved various breakthroughs in the past years.  For instance, completion of Hong Kong Housing Authority’s (HKHA) first Integrated Procurement Approach (IPA) contract with 3D BIM in 2009, completion of HKHA’s second and the largest IPA contract with 5D BIM in 2018, construction of Hong Kong’s Construction 2.0 Pilot Project to firstly adopt MiC in an Architectural Services Department (ArchSD) project, construction of a long-span pedestrian suspension bridge to firstly adopt Lowering Construction Method for bridge installation in Hong Kong.


Carry the same corporate culture, belief, and practice, YLC always strives for excellence to improve construction productivity and buildability as well as sustainability.  YLC thinks green, practices green, acts green and aims to provide a smart and green living to the society and the world.


Address:    10/F, Tower 1, Enterprise Square, 9 Sheung Yuet Road, Kowloon Bay
Tel: (852) 2753 4388

Key Features

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Construction of Public Rental Housing Projects with Integrated Procurement Approach (IPA)

YLC has completed over 90 projects of public rental housing development including HKHA's first IPA project at Kai Tai Site 1B and  the largest IPA project at Anderson Road Sites A & B Phases 1 & 2. IPA creates synergies from combinations of "Design-Tender-Build" and "Design and Build" modes to facilitate producement of innovative ideas in promoting both holistic design solutions and environment-friendly construction methods, for instance, Yau Lee proposed the application of volumatic precast bathrooms and kitchens (VPB & VPK), 5D BIM and structural soil for the IPA project at Anderson Reoad.

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Adoption of MiC

Drawing on over 30 years’ expertise in prefabrication, YLC has successfully developed our own patented MiC systems combining with BIM technologies. 


MiC is an innovative prefabricated construction technology. The buildings are substantially completed offsite in a factory-controlled environment which gives rise to a great deal of advantages including higher productivity, improved site safety, less demand for site labor and shortens construction time, etc.  Unlike other prefabricated technologies, YLC adopted BIM to facilitate the development of MiC technology. Preparing a building modular unit or assembly for fabrication is a complicated and time-consuming process. BIM enables digital design-to-fabrication workflows for all building disciplines. By allowing virtual visualization of production and building, it helps identify and correct problems in advance, leading to reduced construction costs. YLC’s concrete MiC system is firstly adopted in ArchSD’s construction project of Disciplined Services Quarters for the Fire Services Department at Pak Shing Kok, which is also a Hong Kong’s Construction 2.0 Pilot Project.  Concrete MiC System has many advantages over steel MiC in terms structural performance, fire resistance performance, durability and corrosion resistance as well as acoustic and thermal insulation performance. 


Apart from the patented concrete MiC system, Yau Lee Construction Company Limited currently owns the following MiC systems with In-Principle Acceptance from the Buildings Department:
1. Concrete MiC 2.0 – Demountable (Demountable beam-column System)
2. Concrete MiC 2.1 – Demountable (Demountable wall system)
3. Concrete MiC 3.0 – Bathroom (VPB System)
4. Hybrid MiC 1.0

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BIM-enabled Blockchain Multifunctional Platform

In response to the wide adoption of MiC in Hong Kong, YLC's BIM Consultant Global Virtual Design and Construction Limited (GVDC) and its associated company have jointly developed a BIM-enabled Blockchain Multifunctional Platform namely BEANiE to properly record, register, file or upload the test/inspection data to reliable online platform for a real time tracking and monitoring the status of every single MiC unit at each step of production.  BEANiE is equipped with RFID MiC Progress Monitoring eForm System, BIM Integrated Viewer and Blockchain Browser for record enquiry as well as custom-made modular services to cater specified requirements from different offsite or onsite users such as client/ government, architects, designers, consultants, contractors and manufacturers, etc..  It is a highly secured multifunctional and multilayer platform to provide the most efficient way for the whole project team to communicate seamlessly without geographical limitation for the enhanced productivity, improved quality as well as reduced costs and time in terms of MiC production and installation. 


With BEANiE platform, supply chain can be improved in terms of traceability since RFID, BIM and blockchain technologies are used for data information processing in tracking and monitoring from manufacturing, delivery, installation to payment.  BEANiE enables any authorised personnel at any time to access and track any piece of MiC unit on its completion and quality checking status.  Remote inspection is also available in BEANiE platform.  Without physically travelling to the factory in China when there is any limitations like COVID-19 pandemic, end users can arrange remote joint inspection and the inspection data can be securely recorded on the conventional database while BIM database and critical checkpoint could be additionally logged to a blockchain server to ensure the data transactions are securely stored and digitally ledgered.  In addition, a mobile BIM viewer with colour-coded system provided in BEANiE platform enables offsite management to instantly understand the current MiC progress checkpoint status and better installation progress and payment tracking are eventually faciliated.  Offline management can also further enquire the inspection history through a blockchain browser hyperlink to understand the entire transaction history.


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Design and Build

YLC has over 20 years of Design and Build experiences and some of the award-winning works completed are of prestigious nature and specified high standard of finishing works. One of the featured projects is Design and Construction of the Redevelopment of Lo Wu Correctional Institution which comprises three new correctional institutions including two medium security institutions and one minimum security.  The project has been designed and executed using a "Sustainable Approach" to provide a humane environment for both inmates and staff since we believe it is the key to sucess in modern-day correctional services.  The project has received a Grand Award at the 2010 Green Building Award (New Buildings, Hong Kong, Institutional /Community Projects) and the ArchSD Annual Award 2010.

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Specialist Care, Healthcare & Hospital Construction

YLC has delivered over 26 successful healthcare construction projects for Hong Kong Hospital Authority and other private hospitals.  One of the featured projects is  Design and Construction of Yaumatei Specialist Clinic at Queen Elizabeth Hospital which was Hong Kong's first Design and Build Hospital Project using 5D BIM in both tendering and design and construction stages.  We are currently constructing a medical centre with Hong Kong's first Proton Theraphy  System and it is also the smallest proton treatment centre in the world therefore the project is highly complicated.


Apart from Design and Build and new works hospital projects, YLC has also involved in hospital renovation projects, for instance, the works of renovation of existing wards to SARS wards in Tuen Mun Hospital and Queen Elizabeth Hospital were carried out during the SARS outbreak in 2003 .  Through this experience, they have an intimate knowledge of all key stakeholder expectations especially the hospitals were still in operation and how to maintain professional services under time constraint and stringent budget to cope with public's urgent demand.

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Fitting-out and Renovation

A strong project management team is set up in the Fit Out and Building & Renovation Division.  One of the featured projects is the Conversion of  a Grade II Historic Building Chai Wan Factory Estate into Wah Ha Estate.  The conversion was announced in 2012 by the Chief Executive as a short term measure to increase and expedite public housing supply and completed in 2016, providing 187 flats on five domestic floors with the ground floor designated for commercial, courtyard, display area, car park and estate management facilities.  The conversion received the Grand Award of Hong Kong Building (Renovation / Revitalisation) of Quality Building Award 2018. 

Signature Projects

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Disciplined Services Quarters for the Fire Services Department at Pak Shing Kok, Tseung Kwan O

Area 106, Pak Shing Kok, Tseung Kwan O, Hong Kong

Client: Architectural Services Department
Project Role:  Main Contractor and MiC Supplier
No. of Modules: Over 3, 726
GFA: Approx. 38, 300 m²
Number of Floors: 16 to 17 storeys
Number of Units: 648
Project Period: Aug 2018 –  Mar 2021
MiC Parts:
  • Living / Dining Room
  • Bedroom 1
  • Refuse Room & Vent Duct
  • WMC Bathroom & Bedroom 2
  • Master Bedroom
  • E&M
  • External Wall
  • Kitchen (Type A)
  • Kitchen (Type B)
  • Stairs
Other Project Features: 
  • 71% precast in volume for typical floor
  • Reduce on site labour about 40-50%
  • Shorten minimum 4 months of construction period
  • Decrease 40% of in-situ works and construction waste



Courtesy of Yau Lee Construction

Refurbishment of Toilet at Western Upper Platform at Ngau Chi Wan Park

Ngau Chi Wan Park, Fung Shing Street, Hong Kong

Client: Architectural Services Department & Leisure and Cultural Services Department
Project Role: DfMA  and BIM services, VR mock up services
No. of Modules: 70 
CFA/GFA: 57 m²
Project Period: 01 Jun 2020 –  30 Jun 2020 (Construction Period)
DfMA Parts: wall panels, all-in-one mirror and basin cabinets and light troughs
Other Project Features: 
  • DfMA approach to maximise efficiency and minimise the construction period and environmental impacts
  • Solid-surfacing panels as DfMA material – naturally anti-bacteria, hard-wearing, easy to repair and clean as well as 100% recyclable and reusable
  • Major DfMA component consisted of wall panels, all-in-one mirror and basin cabinets and light troughs
  • Make use of BIM from design, production and installation stages to reduce on-site rework and enable better visualisation during design stage
  • Reduced on-site labour about 30%
  • Zero wastage of DfMA components
  • Shortened construction period by 40%
  • Achieved zero accident
  • Better quality and enhanced productivity
  • Minimised disturbance and environmental impact

Proposed Modular Housing at Yen Chow Street, Kowloon

Yen Chow Street, Sham Shui Po, Hong Kong

Client: The Hong Kong Council of Social Service
Project Role: Main Contractor and MiC Supplier
No. of Modules: 327
CFA/GFA: 5380.4 m²
No. of Floors: 4
No. of Units: 205
Project Period: Nov 2020 - Dec 2021
MiC Parts: Flat units, staircase, plant rooms
Other Project Features: 
  • Concrete MiC  with demountable feature between MiC modules. The demountable MiC modules can be re-installed at any place within Hong Kong area
  • Substantial materials including E&M materials to be installed at the off-site factory yard
  • On-site labour shall be minimised
  • Better quality and enhanced productivity
  • Minimised environmental impact and public disturbance



Community Health Centre cum Social Welfare Facilities at Pak Wo Road, North District

Pak Wo Road, Fanling, North District, Hong Kong

Client: Architectural Services Department 
Project Role: Main Contractor and  MiC Supplier
CFA: Approx. 27, 580 m²
Number of Floors: 10
Project Period: Q3 2020 –  Q4 2023

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New Isolation Facilities in Hong Kong

Alleviate demand pressure for isolation by MiC and DfMA

In view of the 5th wave of the COVID-19, new isolation facilities and Pop-up Community Vaccination Centres were built by MiC and DfMA with full speed. Eight Community Isolation Facilities projects from China State Construction International providing over 50,000 isolation beds. Supported by the Central Government, the Lok Ma Chau Loop Hospital for Emergency was completed in April 2022. Meanwhile, two MiC transitional housing projects were used as community isolation facilities, providing more than 2,500 units.

防疫速遞 - 啟德社區隔離設施 (Chinese only)

防疫速遞 - 竹篙灣隔離設施工程 (Chinese only)