Paul Y. – iMax Limited

Paul Y. - iMax Limited (“Paul Y. - iMax”), the company set up between Paul Y. Engineering Group and iMax Modular of Singapore, synergises local and overseas experience on smart construction, as well as their collective expertise and ambition. The vision of Paul Y. - iMax is to further develop MiC technologies and applications during this new era of  construction.


Address:  11/F, Paul Y. Centre, 51 Hung To Road, Kwun Tong, Kowloon, Hong Kong
Tel:  (852) 2831 8184

Key Features

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Patented Candle-Loc System

  • In-principle acceptance (IPA) granted from Buildings Department
  • Designed for multi-storey building
  • Allow fastening and on-site installation from the top of modules
  • No scaffolding is required
  • Installing a module in less than 15 minutes on average
  • No grouting for Candle-Loc System enables future relocation

Signature Projects

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Temporary Quarantine Facilities at Mini Soccer Pitch of Sai Kung Outdoor Recreation Centre

Sai Kung, Hong Kong

Client: Architectural Services Department 
Project Role:
MiC Supplier  
Main Contractor:
Paul Y. Construction Company Limited
No. of Modules: 99
Type of Module  Steel
CFA/GFA: 4, 757 ㎡
Number of Floors: 3
Number of Units: 99
Project Period: 07 Feb 2020 - 30 Apr 2020 (84 days in total)
MiC Parts: 80% of exterior decoration and 90% of interior decoration were finished in the Malaysia factory including furniture and other fittings.
Other Project Features:
  • Three blocks of three-storey facilities provide 99 units in total
  • Completed in 84 days without delay despite Malaysia lockdown during project period
  • The units are in 3 meters wide which requires Wide Load Permit
  • Applied Just-in-Time (JIT) installation concept in tight site area
  • Completed installation of the last batch (44 units) within 12 hours (average 13min and 25sec per unit)
  • Handed over to the client after 6 days of the arrival date of last batch with completed interfacing works, E&M connections, testing and inspections




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Student Residence at Police School Road in Wong Chuk Hang

Wong Chuk Hang, Hong Kong

Client: The University of Hong Kong 
Project Role:
MiC Supplier
Main Contractor Paul Y. Construction Company Limited
No. of Modules: 884
Type of Module Hybrid
CFA 28, 000 ㎡
Number of Floors: 17
Number of Units: 1, 224
Project Period: Aug 2019 - May 2023
MiC Parts:
  • External cladding and part of the internal fittings are installed in advance by the factory, with packed furnishings for final commissioning
  • Internal mechanical, electrical and hydraulic are fully commissioned in factory, which are ready for connection and final commissioning on site
Other Project Features: 
  • A Pilot MiC project under the Development Bureau
  • Two 17-storey student residences accommodate around 1, 224 students
  • Three-level podium in G/F, 1/F and 2/F
  • Demonstration of the advantage of concurrent engineering which 2 years periods for civil and foundation works providing sufficient time for MiC design, statutory submission, mock up and mass production



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2021 Policy Address

2021 Policy Address and MiC

The Chief Executive issues the 2021 Policy Address on October 7, 2021. It mentions the government will continue to implement “Construction 2.0” so as to uplift the productivity and skill level of the sector. Wider use of I&T and Modular Integrated Construction (MiC) will also be promoted to shorten construction time, reduce manpower and enhance safety in construction sites. Moreover, in order to increase and speed up the housing supply, the HKHA and the Hong Kong Housing Society (HKHS) will adopt the MiC and other innovative construction technology more widely. The HKHA will also adopt a new procurement model to suitable projects to allow contractors to undertake design and construction in a bundle. It is hoped that these measures can further optimise and speed up the construction process.