Established in 1983 by French expatriate entrepreneurs, Dextra Group has developed over a long history, during which it encouraged those with an entrepreneurial spirit and constantly strived towards innovation and growth, leading to diversification. Their three main activities are manufacturing, trading and freight forwarding, all within the construction and industrial sectors.


Today, Dextra Group employs over 900 people worldwide, manufactures in three locations and operates in all countries operates through a network of direct subsidiaries and long-term partners. They have self-managed their growth as a private equity group and are still fully owned by their founders and managers. Over the years, they have been involved in more than 10,000 major construction or industrial projects worldwide, providing them with unique global experience and expertise, which they continually spread through their network of partners. They know by experience that today’s construction and industrial projects are simply more challenging than before: going higher, deeper, producing more, better and in even tighter schedules. This is why they exclusively focus on the delivery of solutions that will bring their customers’ project a step higher in terms of performance, productivity and safety: no compromise.

Dextra Group has always put customer satisfaction and quality first. Their current quality management systems are meeting the highest certification standards existing worldwide, thanks to its dedicated team of professionals, regularly audited by respected third parties.

Key Features

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Building Material

Groutec is a mechanical splicing system designed for the connection of precast concrete elements. 


Splicing is usually done in two steps: the Groutec coupler is first fixed onto the reinforcement prepared at the precast factory, installed flush with the formwork, after which the element is concreted. The connection is then completed at the construction site, so that its protruding bars enter the cavities inside the Groutec couplers. Then filled with grout by means of a grouting pump.

Signature Projects

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DC/2018/03 Sha Tau Kok Sewage Treatment Works

Sha Tau Kok

Client: Drainage Services Department / Build King
Project Role: Material Supplier
Type of Modules: Steel
Main Contract Period: Mid 2020 - End 2023
MiC Parts: Column

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New Isolation Facilities in Hong Kong

Alleviate demand pressure for isolation by MiC and DfMA

In view of the 5th wave of the COVID-19, new isolation facilities and Pop-up Community Vaccination Centres were built by MiC and DfMA with full speed. Eight Community Isolation Facilities projects from China State Construction International providing over 50,000 isolation beds. Supported by the Central Government, the Lok Ma Chau Loop Hospital for Emergency was completed in April 2022. Meanwhile, two MiC transitional housing projects were used as community isolation facilities, providing more than 2,500 units.

防疫速遞 - 啟德社區隔離設施 (Chinese only)

防疫速遞 - 竹篙灣隔離設施工程 (Chinese only)