The Lok Sin Tong Modular Social Housing Scheme at Junction of Sung Wong Toi Road and To Kwa Wan Road

Junction of Sung Wong Toi Road and To Kwa Wan Road
Courtesy of Lok Sin Tong

MiC is adopted in this Transitional Housing Project.  With the strength of the MiC method, the utilisation of vacant government lands could be optimised.  This project aims to provide affordable rent and family supporting services for low-income families who lives in dismal conditions and are queuing for Public Rental Housing.

Courtesy of Lok Sin Tong

Highlights on Current Status

Obtained Occupation Permit in Mid Apr 2021

Project Current Status


No. of MiC Modules


CFA (m²)


MiC CFA (m²)


Superstructure Storeys


MiC Storeys


Anticipated Construction Cycle of Typical MiC Floor (@ Day cycle)


Construction Commencement Date

Jun 2020

Anticipated Year of Completion

Mar 2021



Foundation Works Commenced

Aug 2020

Manufacture of MiC Modules

Sep 2020

Installation of MiC Modules Completed

Feb 2021

Date of Completion

Apr 2021

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The Chief Executive's 2022 Policy Address

To foster the development of MiC

The Chief Executive delivered the 2022 Policy Address on 19 October. To enhance Quantity, Speed, Efficiency and Quality, the Government will increase public housing and land supply by different measures, including the building of Light Public Housing by MiC to shorten the waiting time of public housing. The Housing Authority and Housing Society will adopt the MiC in more public housing projects. The DEVB will establish a cross-departmental steering committee, to streamline approval processes, and also making available land in the Northern Metropolis for manufacturing and storage of modules.