Park View Student Village of Newcastle University

Newcastle, United Kingdom
Courtesy of CIMC
  • Clients: Galliford Try
  • Supplier: Guangdong CIMC Building Construction Company Limited (CIMC)
  • Number of Floors: 6 blocks with 4 - 9 floors
  • Number of Modules: 789
  • Number of Bedrooms:1243
  • Project Period: 2016 - 2018
  • MiC Parts: Modules function with standard room, accessible rooms, kitchen and living rooms


Reference: CIMC


Last Updated: 23.12.2020 14:45:21

New Isolation Facilities in Hong Kong

Alleviate demand pressure for isolation by MiC and DfMA

In view of the 5th wave of the COVID-19, new isolation facilities and Pop-up Community Vaccination Centres were built by MiC and DfMA with full speed. Eight Community Isolation Facilities projects from China State Construction International providing over 50,000 isolation beds. Supported by the Central Government, the Lok Ma Chau Loop Hospital for Emergency was completed in April 2022. Meanwhile, two MiC transitional housing projects were used as community isolation facilities, providing more than 2,500 units.

防疫速遞 - 啟德社區隔離設施 (Chinese only)

防疫速遞 - 竹篙灣隔離設施工程 (Chinese only)