Huangzhuang Apartment Quarantine Centre

Shijiazhuang, Hebei, Mainland China
Courtesy of China Daily
  • Main Contractor​: China State Construction Engineering Corporation (CSCEC)
  • Modules Supplier​: Beijing Chengdong International Modular Housing Corporation
  • Type of modules​: Steel
  • Number of storey: 1
  • Number of units: 4,156
  • Unit size: 18 m²
  • Project Construction Period: 13 Jan 2021- now (600 rooms were ready by January 19, another 3,600 are going to be added)
  • Each unit comes with an en-suite bathroom and shower, desks, chairs, beds, Wi-Fi, and a television
Last Updated: 01.02.2021 14:10:56

HKICC and Quarantine Camps

To fight COVID-19, the HKSAR Government has built the North Lantau Hospital Hong Kong Infection Control Centre (HKICC) next to the AsiaWorld-Expo providing 136 negative pressure wards which were designed with reference to the standards of tier-1 isolation wards that could accommodate 816 beds. The HKICC adopted MiC method and was completed in merely 4 months (Sep 2020 – Jan 2021). It will open on 26 February 2021.

From blueprint to scale

05.03.2021 Hospital Authority

Infection control centre to open

25.02.2021 HKSAR Government

Temporary hospital completed

20.01.2021 HKSAR Government

Penny's Bay Quarantine Camp Phase 4

07.01.2021 AluHouse

同心抗疫: 鯉魚門檢疫單位投入運作 (Chinese only)

03.03.2020 Information Services Centre