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From its Asian roots in the early 1950s, Dragages (pronunciation: “Drah-GAH-sh”) came to Hong Kong more than 65 years ago. Since then, the company has been involved in a range of landmark projects, across Hong Kong and Asia, which have put Dragages firmly on the regional and international map. Dragages is a part of a globally-respected network of construction-related companies, headed by Bouygues Construction, hence empowered by the support, resources and technical know-how to complete the most technically demanding projects.


Bringing along their international experience and local knowledge, Dragages is recognised as a pioneer in its industry, spearheading new construction techniques and technologies across its civil, building, electrical and mechanical divisions.


Having grown hand in hand with Hong Kong, their mission remains to deliver all our projects to the highest level of client, staff and stakeholder’s satisfaction. 


Their company's missions feature:
1. Compliance to our Group
2. Health and Safety
3. Green Construction
4. Productivity
5. Risk and Opportunities
6. Collaboration
7. Community
8. People


Over 65 years, Dragages has injected numerous innovative solutions into each of their projects. Whether in design, financing, construction techniques or technologies, at Dragages they have a culture of innovation. They are continually looking for new and alternative ways to improve their business model. They aim to make each project more efficient, safer, faster and more satisfying to the client.


Many engineering innovations now considered commonplace in our industry were originally brought to Hong Kong by Dragages. Their focus, today, is to remain at the cutting edge of innovation in all the disciplines of their industry, and across all their projects.

Key Features

Courtesy of Dragages Hong Kong

DfMA (Design for Manufacture and Assembly)

With year of experience with DfMA, Dragages has adopted DfMA successfully in our projects. The most recent example is the application of DfMA in the two Ventilation Buildings in the Tuen Mun-Chek Lap Kok Link project, in which precast slabs, beams, columns and staircases were used to save more construction time.

Courtesy of Dragages Hong Kong

World’s Leader in Modular Construction

Modular Construction is revolutionising the construction sector over the world. Considered as a groundbreaker in modular construction, their sister company Dragages Singapore has completed several significant modular projects in Singapore, such as Changi Airport Crowne Plaza Hotel Extension in 2016, Woodlands Nursing Home in 2017, and world’s tallest modular tower Clement Canopy in 2019.

The MiC Systems of Dragages Hong Kong has been Pre-accepted, which opens for new innovative developments in our city.

Courtesy of Dragages Hong Kong

Advanced Tunnel Technology

Dragages can be named as a pioneer in tunneling projects in Hong Kong. They have deployed numerous in-house tunnel technology to combat the challenges in their technically-demanding projects.


1. Semi-automatic drilling robot ROBY850 – A smart robot which is capable to perform the work in full process, from setting out, drilling holes to installing anchors

2. Variable Density Tunnel Boring Machine (TBM) - Hong Kong’s first Variable Density TBM was deployed to cope with the unforeseeable ground condition when the TBM had to navigate through the reclaimed land.

3. Accessible Tunnel Boring Machine Cutterhead - This new technology in the industry will allow workers to access the cutterhead through a double-gate chamber without having to go through the time-consuming compressing process.

Courtesy of Dragages Hong Kong

Intelligent Construction Method

With the determination to strive for excellence, the project teams of Dragages Hong Kong prides on innovation to execute our projects with highest efficiency and safety standard.


1. 15-cell Caterpillar Cofferdam – In the Tuen Mun-Chek Lap Kok Link Subsea Tunnel project, a 15-cell “Caterpillar”-shaped cofferdam was constructed to provide an unobstructed and safe construction space for the cut-and-cover tunnel

2. Peanut-shaped Shaft - In the MTR Shatin to Central Link – Causeway Bay Typhoon Shelther to Admiralty Tunnels – Contracts 1128 project, a strut-free “Peanut” shape shaft aiming to enhance the working environment inside the shaft and ensure a safe construction method.

3. 180-degree U-turn Operation of Tunnel Boring Machine - Hong Kong’s first TBM U-turn operation happened in the Lung Shan Tunnel project. When the gigantic excavation machine finished excavating the first tunnel, it was turned 180 degree so it could start excavating another tunnel in the opposite direction right away.

Courtesy of Dragages Hong Kong

Building Information Modeling (BIM)

Dragages has been exploring the application of BIM in many ways, ranging from design modelling, 4D simulation, virtual reality to asset information model. They also actively promote BIM-related training to all levels of employees to stay at the cutting edge of market trends and cope with the project needs.

Courtesy of Dragages Hong Kong

Digital Project Management

The Dragages project teams make creative use of the cloud-based BIM platform to further develop more technologies to enhance the efficiency and quality in their project. Examples include:


Digitalised RISC Form System – A custom-made system that allow their frontline personnel and client’s inspection team to process and manage the RISC forms electronically

3D Laser Scanning - used for Site Topography, E&M planning, Underground Utility As-built, Mining Profile and Volumetric Calculation

AR (Augmented Reality) – AR was used to visualize BIM construction models in actual site environment

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